Oklahoma Bible Academy
Event Start
November 27, 2020 12:01 AM CST
Event End
December 1, 2020 8:00 PM CST Goal: $50,000

Giving Tuesday - 12 Days of Christmas Auction

Bidding Opens Nov. 30 @ Noon; Closes Dec. 1 @ 8:00pm

Support OBA this Giving Tuesday!

Welcome to Oklahoma Bible Academy's Giving Tuesday Auction. We know that the OBA family missed the Fall Auction, but we hope that the online platform will give us an opportunity to come together and raise money to support the mission, students, teachers, and staff of OBA.

In addition to bidding on auction items, you can help support the school through a one-time donation, or by giving to the Teacher Christmas Bonus fund.

Here's how the auction site works:
Select a category. Within each category there are items you can bid on or buy. Once you've registered a bid, the site will prompt you to create an account. After you've created an account you can bid, buy or donate!

Auction Items:
In this category, you will find items that can be bid on.

Graduation Tickets:
There are 4 sets of tickets available. Each set will include 8 front-row seats. 

Valentine's Day Dinner:
This dinner is provided by Dr. Rose Thomas and is available for up to 8 couples. The cost is $150 per couple. This is a "buy it now" item, meaning that you do not have to bid on it - simply pay the $150 and the item is yours! 

Christmas Bonuses:
Want to give back to your favorite OBA teacher or staff member? You can make a donation to the Christmas Bonus Fund. This is a "buy it now" item. We've created "buy it now" options at various giving levels so that you can give directly to this fund in an amount that works for you.

One-Time Donations (Donate Now):
You can make a donation directly to the school. Click the red button labeled "Donate Now" on the Auction Home page and you'll be prompted to enter in how much you would like to give.



Have Questions or Need Help?

If you have any questions about the auction, or have trouble with the site, please call or text Alison at 360-388-1006. She will be available 24/7 day of the auction (November 30 @ noon thru December 1 at 8:00pm). You can also call the school at 580-242-4104 during school hours.